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Enable loyalty members to pay with points on any participating e-commerce site.

Add More Power to Your Points

Access Plus gives your loyalty program members the ability to pay with their points at any participating e-commerce website on the planet.
Convert Points to Cash
Access Plus is the evolution of Engage People’s pay with points payment technology enabling program members to use their points like any currency directly at checkout or in-store.
Simple Integration
Seamless integration into your current checkout without significant IT resources required allowing for the addition of new partners.
Greater Redemption Choice
Provide a more personalized approach to rewards with an infinite number of redemption options.

One Integration - Multiple Partners

Building Pay-with Points Ubiquity
Engage is building a broad coalition of strategic partners in e-commerce, crypto, fuel, travel, payment processors, banks and FI’s, BNPL, and others designed to maximize the number of available options our clients’ loyalty members have for redeeming points in real-time.
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Payment Made Easy

Accessing a network of affiliated retailers, program members and branded loyalty programs is just another way Engage People elevates the loyalty experience for our clients and partners taking personalization and reward programs to another level.

Designed to secure additional program partners and retailers through a simple API integration, the expanding network benefits all participants.

No other technology solution offers the same reach and accessibility to points and program members like Access Plus.

Increased Customer Interaction & Engagement

Expanded communication channels and touch-points that will optimize the program member journey.
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Access pay with points

Take the Guesswork Out and Reduce Friction

Access Plus is part of of the payment options whereby a member can choose to pay at check out with points alone, or points and a credit card, or credit card alone.

Increase Payment Card Interaction

44.5% of customers ‘top-up’ on a points purchase if they do not have the full amount of points to purchase a desired item.

Increased Customer Engagement

All of this is available in channels customers already shop from and are comfortable using through their favourite e-commerce sites.
70% of consumers are “extremely likely” or “likely” to use a pay with points option if it was available.
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