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Transforming Loyalty Programmes With Innovation And Trust

Hosted on March 5, 2024 with Yanique Grant Len Covello, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Engage People, leading the long-term technology vision of the company and is responsible for driving continued innovation in the loyalty sector. He is an innovator … Read More

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Apple Podcast: The Retail Perch – Interview with Len Covello

Hosted on January 2, 2024 with Shekar Raman and Gary Hawkins This week on the Retail Perch, Gary and Shekar are in the festive spirit as they mark a momentous occasion – their 100th episode! To make it truly special, … Read More

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Mobile Helps Brand Loyalty Programs Work Harder and Smarter

Hosted on December 28, 2023 with Hal Levey Technology, and the digital transformation of the economy overall, have reshaped the concept of customer loyalty.  Add to that the integration of payments innovation, and the loyalty program ecosystem of today is … Read More

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Personalization Powers Loyalty Programs to New Levels of Customer Engagement

Hosted on November. 10, 2023 with Hal Levey Loyalty programs are evolving to meet consumers’ changing values, Engage People Chief Technology Officer Len Covello told PYMNTS. Loyalty has shifted from the typical interaction of earning some type of currency — … Read More

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Cerebral and Decisive Leadership: Keys to Business Success

Hosted on October 20, 2023 with Steve Ramona Len Covello is a seasoned business leader with extensive experience in working with large corporations startups, and overcoming organizational challenges. His perspective on the importance of cerebral, authentic, and decisive leadership in … Read More

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The Fintech Coffee Break: Len Covello, Engage People

Hosted on Jun. 1, 2023 with Isabelle Castro Margaroli Hi Guys, welcome to the Fintech Coffee Break. I’m your host, Isabelle Castro. This week I shared my coffee break with Len Covello, CTO of Engage People.  Customer Loyalty programs are an … Read More

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The Loyalty Minute – Episode 117: Len Covello, CTO of Engage People

Hosted on May 2, 2023 with Rob Gallo Welcome loyal listeners to another episode of The Loyalty Minute. I’m your host Rob Gallo and today I am excited to chat with Len Covello. Len is the CTO of Engage People, … Read More

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A New Scope of Loyalty and Rewards Program with Len Covello of Engage People

Hosted on March 23, 2023 with Jacob Hollabaugh Loyalty and Rewards programs have a long history but they are constantly evolving. In this episode, Len Covello, CTO at Engage People Inc. educates us on loyalty and rewards programs, how they’re … Read More

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Around The Coin – Episode 402: Jonathan Silver, CEO of Engage People

Hosted on August 17, 2022 with Mike Townsend In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with Jonathan Silver, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Engage People. Jonathan is responsible for managing all facets of the business. He leads the … Read More

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Leaders in Payments Podcast – Episode 178: Jonathan Silver, CEO of Engage People

Hosted on August 17, 2022 with Greg Myers My guest this week has a passion for creating something new that will change the industry and leave a legacy he can be proud of. In a fast-paced world and a time … Read More

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Paying with Points or Crypto

Hosted on June 7, 2022 with Glen Sarvady Glen interviews two more of our favorite Finovate Spring presenters- Cion Digital and Engage- and reflects on the potential dawn of a “buy or be bought” environment. Links related to this episode: … Read More

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