Podium Loyalty

Empowering tools that drive engagement, incite success and foster achievement through loyalty and rewards.

Dynamic Personalized Content

Podium Loyalty allows you to target communications, promotions or offers directly creating a personal interaction that will increase engagement with your brand in real-time, at your desk.
Unparalleled Segmentation
Make meaningful connections with any identifiable customer segment or individual member.
Enhanced Communication
Communicate to a segment or individual using their channel of choice: email, text message or app, enabling the rapid deployment and measurement of reward campaigns.
Simple administration and exceptional user experience through an easy to use interface.

The Podium Ecosystem

Podium Diagram

Program Management & Campaigns

A full suite of program management and campaign tools integrated into the Podium Loyalty Solution, including:​
Podium program details
Podium member details

Personalization & Member Management

Effective tools to create customer segments and communicate personalized messages, including:

Site Management & Accessibility

Responsive Multi-Language Member‑Site​
Content Management System
Podium admin page management
Podium Fraud alert

Reporting, Security & Control

Fraud integration and dashboard​

Online Redemption

Pay with rewards success alert
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Agnostic Earn & Burn

Podium Loyalty includes a wide range of Earn & Burn options: vouchers, cash top up, points transfer, recurring fees, the option to buy points, a purchase eraser and promotion management tools including the ability to split pay. All delivering options to earn and redeem points.
Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lift revenues by 5–15%, and increase marketing spend efficiency by 10–30%
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